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Cory Hiles (that’s me) is an author.

“Why in God’s name does he want to be an author?” I can hear you asking. Well the answer is simple, really. I don’t seem to be good enough to do anything else.

I applied for a job in Santa’s workshop but they told me I was too tall. I applied for a job with the Easter Bunny and was told that I was too bald. I went to Cupid next and was told that I was far too ugly to inspire romance in anybody. I even tried to get a job with old Saint Patrick, but when he discovered that I can only handle a couple beers before I get tipsy he decided I just wasn’t right for the job.

In short, all my fantasy jobs have thus far eluded me so I’ve decided I may as well write.

This site is like the factory showroom for my overactive imagination and I’m glad you’ve come.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to look around, pry deeper and see what interesting nuggets you can uncover.

Please be advised as you explore this cyber world of mine that it is constantly under construction and you are very likely to find several potholes along the way. If you should trip and fall and break a leg in a pothole, I will offer a very sincere apology but not one penny of financial reimbursement.


Cory Hiles